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Cayenne Pepper Tincture

Cayenne Pepper Tincture

Goddess Life Botanicals | Cayenne Pepper Tincture 


Our cayenne tincture is an extracted from organic cayenne peppers-may also work to stimulate blood flow throughout the body‚ especially in the hands and feet. Notably‚ cayenne extract may dilate (open up) small capillaries because it serves a rubefacient; this might promote optimal circulation.


Cayenne may offer further support for healthy circulation by working to discourage excessive blood clotting in your arteries. Specifically‚ cayenne extract might help your body dissolve fibrin‚ which is a substance that’s involved in the formation of blood clots.


Cayenne tincture natural support for cardiovascular and circulatory health. This supplement provides a spice called cayenne‚ which contains an active compound known as capsicum. Capsicum may work to preserve already normal blood pressure and cholesterol levels.


Cayenne Tincture Potiential Benefits

  • anti-inflammatory
  • antioxidant properties
  • vitamin C
  • vitamin A
  • increase blood circulation
  • bost immune system response
  • remove toxins fro the blood
  • rebuilds red blood cells
  • heart health aide


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