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Power Powder

Power Powder

Power Powder is a powerful blend of  Baobab Powder, Lion's Mane, & Aminos together this blend can help to:

  • Improve Energy
  • Help Improve Memory
  • Enhances Strength
  • Boost the Immune System


Baobab Fruit: Baobab is a tree native to certain regions of Africa, producing a large fruit that is commonly consumed and appreciated for its delicious citrus-like flavor. The pulp, leaves, and seeds of the baobab fruit have been associated with many health benefits.


  • Baobab is a good source of many important vitamins and minerals.
  • Baobab is highly nutritious and different parts of the plant supply varying amounts of protein, vitamin C, antioxidants, potassium, magnesium, iron, zinc, calcium and B vitamins.
  • Baobab is high in fiber and has been shown to reduce feelings of hunger which could promote weight loss.
  • Baobab may help slow the increase of blood sugar levels and decrease the amount of insulin needed to keep your blood sugar under control.
  • Baobab may help reduce inflammation and prevent oxidative damage to cells, but more research in humans is needed.
  • Baobab is high in fiber, which may improve digestive health and prevent conditions like constipation, intestinal ulcers, inflammatory bowel disease and hemorrhoids.


Lion's Mane Benefits:

Lion’s mane mushrooms are large, white, shaggy mushrooms that resemble a lion’s mane as they grow. They contain bioactive substances that have many beneficial effects on the body, especially the brain, heart, and gut.


  • Lion’s mane mushrooms contain compounds that stimulate brain cell growth and protect them from damage caused by Alzheimer’s disease. However, more research involving humans is needed.
  • Studies have found that lion’s mane mushrooms contain two special compounds that can stimulate the growth of brain cells: hericenones and erinacines 
  • Studies suggest that lion’s mane mushrooms may help relieve mild symptoms of anxiety and depression, but more research involving humans is needed to better understand the correlation.
  • Research has found that lion’s mane mushroom extract may help speed recovery from these types of injuries by stimulating the growth and repair of nerve cells
  • Lion’s mane extract may protect against the development of stomach ulcers by inhibiting the growth of H. pylori and protecting the stomach lining from damage
  • Helps manage diabetes symptoms.
  • May help fight cancer.
  • Reduces inflammation
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